Teacher Bulletin | Volume 7

The Writing Process

Have you ever struggled to explain The Writing Process to your students? Have you ever wished you had something more interesting and attention-getting than a textbook to present the steps for writing a good essay, but didn’t have the money to invest in colorful posters or costly videos? Have you ever said to yourself, if I just had time, I’d make my own presentation?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then this multi-faceted unit is for you. Created by an English teacher in self-defense and for self-preservation, this series of power point presentations, with companion notes and assignments, tackles the nuts and bolts of The Writing Process in general as well as a number of specific types of essays. Teachers will find a systematic approach to the basic task of essay writing that inspires success in most students. Students will find an approachable and manageable process for writing almost any kind of writing assignment that will come their way in the future.