Teacher Bulletin | Volume 12

Appropriate for grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4

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Place Value and Everything in its Place

Place Value and Everything in its Place is designed for students in Pre-K through Grade 4. It is a Math Unit that starts a new school year positively with review, and new learning of place value concepts. It also works well with multi-grades by showing the patterns learned in the ones, tens, and hundreds, follows in each of the greater periods of numbers. This unit creates interest by having students work on a project by visualizing how each place to the left is ten times the original place, and the number to the right is one-tenth of the place to the left. This unit introduces the use of the new NAD Math Curriculum document. It demonstrates how to use Essential Questions and Big Iedas. This is foundational in incorporating our spiritual basis into all Math planning. The skills are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Math so additional resounces can be obtained by using this correlation. Also, suggested assessments are introduced that may be applied to the skill taught. Finally, the teaching of skills makes use of the GO Math 2012 adoption for the Math Textbook.
The unit is planned for 6 school days, but could extend to 10 days depending on the levels and abilities of the students and activities chosen.