Teacher Bulletin | Volume 9

Appropriate for grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Writing Cross-Curricular Units

The genesis of this project came when Southern New England Conference academy principals were looking for an in-service activity that would be a practical, productive, and profitable use of their pre-school time. What evolved was both interesting and exciting for the planners and the participants. The actual project was spread out over two in-service days, but can easily be done in one concentrated 8-hour day if time is short.

Three groups from three different schools in Southern New England (Browning Elementary, Greater Boston Academy, and South Lancaster Academy) met together initially for orientation and instruction, but quickly broke into the school groups that would eventually be working together to carry out the projects they were planning. At the end of the sessions, five cross-curricular units had been created, four for academy and one for grades 5-8.

What follows is the two-day schedule we followed collapsed into one (intensive) day in order to minimize planning time and maximize the energy that comes from collaborating within your school.

The sample lessons are presented here in PowerPoint format so you can use them as presentations for a group of teachers or handouts for individual teachers.