Teacher Bulletin | Volume 9

Applying Technology — Achieving Excellence

The Atlantic Union Teacher Bulletin has been in the hands of teachers since 1981. Back in the day, teachers would look forward to their monthly mailing of the Teacher Bulletin. Leafing through those pages of quality content brought anticipation and excitement about the time when they could use the material with their students. Scores of teachers moved file cabinets of Teacher Bulletin pages - filed according to subject and use.

Over the years, the Teacher Bulletin has changed in appearance, but certainly not in quality. It evolved from hard copy to compact disk - and now is live on the internet. As the writers strive to keep current with educational trends and to include cutting edge methods and technologies, the mission has stayed the same: presenting classroom teachers with creative and resourceful ideas which integrate Christian principles.

The Teacher Bulletin offers uniquely Seventh-day Adventist material for these purposes:
a. "Pick-up and go" integrated units
b. Holiday teaching ideas and activities
c. Lessons and activities to leave with substitute teachers
d. Project oriented lessons to enhance the NAD curriculum
e. Resources for teachers and administrators (classroom tips, stories, plays, forms, worship talks, multi-media presentations, internet resources, webquests, rubrics, etc.